A useful guide of what to look for and what to know

Do your homework on hot tubs 

Searching the internet for hot tubs and spas is always a good idea. Lots of people enjoy their hot tubs and the various social and health benefits that come with them. Make sure you read hot tub reviews or websites to get an idea about what a hot tub lifestyle is like and how it could benefit you. Understanding why you want an hot tub means you get the right one for you.

About buying a hot tub online

We recommend that you physically see some hot tubs or spas before you buy them. The best hot tubs are a long term investment and will add value to your home as well as provide family entertainment for many years and It’s important to understand the quality of your hot tub and going to a showroom to see them is always a good idea.

The best hot tubs

A high quality hot tub will provide you with years of entertainment and pleasure and without costing you a kings ransom in running costs. Always be sure to check the quality of the hot tub construction.


Running costs depend on how often you heat the water. Generally, if a hot tub is well constructed with significant insulation, the better it will be at retaining heat. Always choose a hot tub with several layers of different types of insulation, which ensures maximum heat retention.


Other good indicators of the better quality hot tubs include a thick, strong hot tub cover to retain heat while you’re not using your hot tub and a solid ABS base. As well as retaining heat at the bottom of your hot tub, a strong base will prevent creatures and creepy crawliesf rom getting inside it too.


Size matters!

Hot tubs are available in all shapes and sizes. Firstly, it’s important to think about how much space you have in your garden , how many people are likely to be using it at any one time. If you're planning on having regular hot tub parties, then you might need more seats than a standard family size. Although a larger hot tub may not always mean more seats, they are generally more comfortable with more space to move around in, ultimately knowing how you will use it may give you a better idea on what works best for you.


A reputable retailer will offer a site survey if you require it. If you have problems with access to your garden, they may suggest a crane to help lift your hot tub or spa over your house. If you are planning regular hot tub parties, then you might need more seats than a standard family size. Although a larger hot tub may not always mean more seats, they are generally more comfortable with more space to move around in. 

What is hot tub hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy, involves the use of water for pain-relief and treating illness. The term hydrotherapy itself also means water cure. it’s now known that water soothes sore joints and hydrotherapy functions in hot tubs are popular for de-stressing, unwinding and generally resting our bodies.

Hydrotherapy is the perfect blend of water and air, pushed through hot tub jets to deliver a smooth massage to the key areas your body.  


The hot tub water

When choosing a hot tub, you should look at how it filters the water. Typically, hot tubs use filters to trap any grease or dirt. Most hot tubs have 1 or 2 pumps that support hydrotherapy massage and a separate circulation pump which pushes all hot tub water through a filtration system.

You will need to maintain the hot tub water once it is up and running in your garden. Check before you buy your hot tub that your installer knows about maintaining hot tub water A good retailer will always have detailed information and training about chemical treatments and water balance once your hot tub is installed. It’s easy once you know how. Make sure you choose a retailer that can help you with ongoing maintenance and advice.

Manufacturers hot tubs

Whilst doing your homework look out for reputable hot tub manufacturers and search their websites for information. If they have a good reputation for quality, you’ll be able to see it. Look out for it. The best manufacturers always provide detailed product details, technical quality details, where to buy and their service information

Hot tub covers

Always cover your hot tub when not in use. This helps retain heat and it also stops airborne debris from entering your hot tub water. The best hot tub covers are solid with insulation and have locks on them which fasten onto the side of the  tub. A good hot tub cover should last for a couple of years or more before you should think about replacing it.


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